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$1.25 Million

While the client was stopped they were violently struck from behind by a commercial company. Client sustained a lower back injury requiring surgery. The company was insured with AIG.


Client was rear-ended and pushed into the car in front, while traveling on Interstate 5, by an oil company’s vehicle. Injuries sustained in the lower back and were resolved by proper treatment.


A cement truck hydroplaned during a rain storm and struck the client’s car causing low back and neck injuries.


Client stopped abruptly due to a pedestrian jumping into the flow of traffic. Injuries to the neck and back were sustained after the client was struck by the vehicle behind them.


The client was stopped in traffic when a tractor/trailer failed to slow down in time colliding with the client who then struck the car in front of them, who also struck the car in front of them for a total of 4 vehicles involved in the accident. Multiple injuries to the neck, chest and hip were sustained.